Why Plant Based?

Let’s face it: plant based is just better. There are so many benefits to adopting a plant based lifestyle – for yourself and for the planet. Here are just a few:
Additional Years
Additional Years
People who eat very little meat add 3.6 extra years to their life compared to those who eat meat regularly.
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Additional Years
Saving the Planet
Eating plant based for 4 days a week is the carbon-savings equivalent of 3 monthsSaving the Planet with no car for a family of 4.
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average reduction in body mass index
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Vegan body mass
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Omnivore body mass
additional gallons of water needed to produce
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One pound of beef
Green Vegitables
One pound of veggies
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91 billion
Number of miles saved if every American ate no meat or cheese one day a week for a year.
Amount by which global mortality could be reduced if our human population adopted a plant based diet.
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Number of additional people we could feed if the Earth’s crops were used for human consumption instead of animal feed.
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reduced mortality rate
For people who are high risk for cardiovascular disease and adopt a plant based diet.
reduced risk of ovarian cancer
For women due to a larger consumption of isoflavones (soy, peanuts, beans, alfalfa, etc.)
reduced chance of high blood pressure
For people who consume a plant based diet.
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