At Upbeet, our mission is to leave you feeling healthy and energized, so you can invest your time in living positively.

Plant Based




We live in a world with a growing number of compassionate and eco-conscious consumers who encompass a strong knowledge and affinity for health and food ingredients. This is what fuels Upbeet Foods; we aim to uncover the flavours of home cooked meals, and not have to compromise great taste.

We are here to emPOWER with PLANTS.

The Upbeet Foods team is built on three pillars that drive our every day business operations: motivation, teamwork, and client satisfaction. Our company aims to better the lifestyle of those who are committed to their mind, body, and soul but are struggling to find the time to cook and enjoy satisfying meals that are going to fuel their bodies with happiness and health. We take the hassle out of eating well by delivering ready-made, savoury plant-based meals right to your home or office. We are here to educate, motivate, and deliver to vegetarians, vegans as well as curious flexitarians! The only thing you won’t be eating into is your time and your budget.

Everyday our team of seasoned chefs, walk into the kitchen inspired to create: To create a refreshing culinary experience. To create a harmony between food and health. To create a connection between what you eat and your inspired “self”. And most importantly, to create simple yet innovative vegan meals that cover cuisines from around the world. Our seasonable menu rotates weekly, and all recipes are packed with homegrown ingredients picked out only from local Ontario farmers. With the freshest plant based ingredients in hand, we let our chefs do the cooking and our meals do the talking.

This is our story…let’s work together to create a new one.

Welcome to a New Happy. Welcome to Upbeet Foods!


Upbeet Foods sprouted from a love and commitment to health and fitness. Our founder, Misha, always had a light of ambition that followed her through her countless undertakings, whether handed her first ice skates, dance costume, or goggles! From childhood into adulthood, she was committed to a healthy plant-based lifestyle and she thought that there was nothing that could break her stride.

But when her full time career kicked in, it became increasingly difficult to manage her diet and fitness along with her crazy work hours. Misha found herself sucked into a world of quick-and-easy, grab-and-go meals, full of sugar and processed ingredients. But, she was not the only one falling into this trap– this phenomenon was rippling. She saw that people were intrigued by diets rich in butter, creamy sauces, meats, eggs and dairy.

This is where the light bulb lit up! Quick and easy should not mean unhealthy and fattening; healthy foods could be just as productive and efficient! With this realization, Misha was itching to grow a business from the ground up (literally!), where her values of plant food nutrition worked hand in hand with social and environmental consciousness. She sees that as we move forward, the world seeks well-being, quality and longevity of life in conjunction with convenience.

Through her journey thus far, Misha has had some of the most unforgettable plant based culinary experiences, which have also allowed her to piece together the solution to a more wholesome, happier and satisfied soul!

And this is what she wants to share with the world – with her very own flavourful twist ? .

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