$130.00 $110.00 / week


  • You will receive 10 meals a week, each week. Each meal works out to be $11.00. (Our regular price per meal is $13).
  • 1 meal represents 1 portion per person.
  • This is a subscription plan, so each week this will renew.
  • Should you want to skip a week, you can do so by going into your account, and clicking on HOLD. You can then reactivate when you are ready to order again.
  • If you choose delivery, you will receive your meals every week on Sundays and Wednesdays, between 1pm-6pm.
    • Our delivery fee is $3.75 per drop, or $7.50 per week.
  • Pick Up is available on Sundays post 1pm, or any other day of the week from 10am-6pm. There is no fee for pick up.
  • This plan is best suited for an individual, or a couple who just doesn’t have the time to prep, cook and pack their lunch or dinner!

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