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International Coffee Fair & SCAE Wonderful World of Coffee

Yes a very exciting time for Coffee lovers in Europe this month. The first international coffee fair in the area of the Cologne exhibition grounds will open from 26th to 28th June 2009. coffeena is the world's only trade fair to serve the needs of the coffee market in it's entirety.

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So as well as the international Coffee Fair will be SCAE Wonderful world of Coffee, which includes presentations, exhibitions etc but more importantly they will be hosting FOUR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS,

  • World Cup Tasters Championship
  • World Latte Art Championship
  • World Coffee-in-Good Spirits Championship
  • Cezve/Ibrik Coffee Brewing World Championship

I've still to get the dates of the competition but hope it's on the 28th June as that is the public open day.

Check back after the 28th for news, observations, and photos from this event.

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