Our Mission

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Started from a seed now we’re here.

We live in a world where consumers are compassionate, eco-conscious, and invested in living well. Their passion for convenience and sustainability is what inspires us to provide healthy, plant-based, and home cooked meals that never compromise great taste.
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Our mission at Upbeet Foods is to, inspire plant based wellness, educate on impact and feed the world, one plate at a time.

The Upbeet Way

Our goal is to use only the freshest plant based ingredients while supporting local farmers and suppliers. We pride ourselves in delivering colourful and creative dishes to our friends all around the GTA.
From local suppliers
From local suppliers
Our ingredients are sourced fresh from local farmers and plant based suppliers.
To our kitchen
To our kitchen
Our expert chefs are always cooking up new dishes for our one-of-a-kind, multi-cultural menu.
To your table
To your table
We deliver fresh to your doorstep so you can dig in right away and get on to doing what you love.
The Upbeet kitchen produces virtually zero waste. Our ingredients are supplied exactly to order so that nothing is wasted in the cooking process. How cool is that?
Upbeet logo
Our Vision: Connecting the world to plant based.

Our Values

Our team at Upbeet Foods is devoted to these five pillars of our business operations.
At Upbeet, we strive to be a positive member of our community. This means engaging in initiatives and conversations that promote a healthier community in the GTA and abroad. We regularly partner with plant based members of our community to strengthen our shared message of love and compassion. Our goal is to be a supportive and influential voice for our customers, for each other, and for the world around us.
We focus on healthy bodies, minds, and lifestyles – for our clients and for ourselves. Total wellness is the core of our business and the goal that inspires us every day to what we do. From our nutritious food to our flexible and supportive work environment, Upbeet knows that a balance between work, play, and self-care is the ultimate recipe for happiness and wellness.
At Upbeet, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We contribute to a healthier planet through minimized waste, local supply sourcing, recyclable materials, and low energy, small business operations. Since our ingredients are sourced exactly to order, our kitchen produces virtually zero food waste. Plus, by encouraging plant based diets, Upbeet meals are helping to reduce carbon emissions, water use, and global malnourishment. We strive to be as sustainable as possible in everything we do.
Our fabulous team is the fuel behind what we do. Collaboration, respect, and transparency are key to Upbeet’s daily operations and long term strategy. We regularly motivate each other to learn and grow while inspiring creativity and innovation. At Upbeet, our focus is on equality and fairness for all team members.
Our customers are the reason we’re here. That’s why we strive to build strong, transparent relationships with everyone in the Upbeet family. Whether you just signed up for a meal plan last week or have been eating Upbeet for over a year, you can trust us to deliver the best quality service no matter what. We don’t settle for satisfaction. We exceed expectations – and you can trust us on that one.
Meet The Founder
Meet Misha: the fearless founder of Upbeet Foods. Growing up, Misha was a competitive athlete and certified health nut. But when her corporate career took off, she found herself settling for quick and easy meals that were also unhealthy and fattening. She felt frustrated, unmotivated, and sluggish. That’s when the Upbeet seed was planted. Misha left her corporate life to build a business that would provide healthy food for busy lifestyles like hers. Through her devotion to wellness, strength, and damn good food, Misha continues to inspire others to lead healthier, happier lives. Upbeet Foods is just the beginning.