Keep the whole crew Upbeet

Our rotating catering menu features a tasty and nutritious selection of plant based dishes. Whether you’re looking to boost office morale, impress your party guests, or wow on your wedding day, Upbeet provides allergy friendly alternatives for up to 1500 friends! The best part? Our unique recipes use only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients because - let’s face it - your squad deserves the best.

Not Just a Pretty Plate

Plant based food is so much more than a fad and we’re here to prove it. Our nutritious dishes are healthier than the average catering menu. What’s more? They’re equally delicious. Show your guests something different with our unique take on plant based food.

Why Plant Based?

Here’s what our catering clients have to say!

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Meet the Executive Chef
Meet Donna: our food loving, healthy living Executive Chef! Her and her team of kitchen connoisseurs are masters of their craft and always eager to create something new for your table. With a passion for vegan fare and an eye for the latest food trends, Donna and her hardworking culinary team are looking out for your taste buds.
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